Impossible Profession comix

[1] Teacher: "So, to recap: Your paper needs to have an argument that's defensible, disputable, and interesting." [2] Student: "You mean, like, give our opinion?" [3] The teacher looks worried and then [4] becomes increasingly alone in the universe.

Every writing teacher feels this way sometimes, right? I came across Bill Zimmerman’s Make Beliefs Comix, officially designed for kids of differing abilities, while reading up on comics and education scholar Nick Sousanis. The bunny-eared student could be a hybrid of Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers and Sheba from Life in Hell.

According to Freud, the three impossible professions are education, healing, and governing (preface to August Aichorn, Wayward Youth, 1925 [PDF]). Of course, for Freud, impossibility didn’t detract from necessity. But this isn’t a post about all that.